The desire for foliage is so deep that our homes must include connections to the natural world. The worth of well-tended lawns and gardens is measured in quality of life and home resale value. Your home’s landscaping makes up a central part of its character. Its personality. We provide Eco friendly landscaping services. Our crew runs on battery operated equipment; with low noise output, and no carbon emissions. It is the perfect solution for your home & neighborhood.
TITAN Landscaping services include but not limited to:

Spring Cleanup

  • Clearing away leaves, branches & clutter
  • Hauling away & composting debris
  • Mowing grass
  • Re-edging, cleaning garden & flower beds
  • Redefining Lawn borders
  • Reseed damaged Lawn areas
  • Pruning, trimming trees & shrubs
  • Aeration

Monthly Services

  • Weekly lawn mowing
  • Hedge trimming
  • Weed mitigation
  • Leaf and debris removal

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